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About Marishka

Marishka is a Dynamic, Vivacious, and Entertaining Speaker who loves to

share her knowledge, expertise and wisdom to guide individuals and help

them refocus, leading to a more fulfilling life and to having Fun!

She has written two books - "The Master Switch" and "Be a Bully Buster", and has

also co-authored “Roadmap to Success” with Dr. Deepak Chopra, and

"Success Simplified” with Dr. Steven Covey (who wrote “The 7 Habits of

Highly Effective People”). She was Entrepreneur of The Year nominee in

2010. Marishka is also a radio and television personality most

recently on - Global Television, City TV, 680AM  and 1010AM  talk radio.


One of the world’s leading self-empowerment experts, she specializes in

helping and guiding people around the world to discover their own personal

power and how to use it so that that they can achieve their goals and live

their lives with passion. Her experience, education and high end achievement

in the corporate world, has made her an expert on the topic of personal



Marishka has a thriving private practice motivating and propelling people to

greater success. She has Master’s degrees in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic

Programming), and Time Line Therapy. She counsels and guides clients 

to remove the fear, negative beliefs and emotional barriers that prevent

them from achieving the success they seek in their personal and professional lives.


Marishka entertains, enlightens and educates. She is available for

Keynote speeches, Breakout sessions, Workshops,

Training, Retreats, Consulting, Coaching and media appearances.