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The Art and Science of Hands and GesturesMarishka Presentations Workshops

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Presentations & Workshops

Leave your audience energized, entertained, and inspired with Marishka as your Motivational and Dynamic Speaker.

Marishka will also customize her presentation according to your specific needs and/or topic.

Anti Bullying presentations to childen, adults and schools are an excellent investment in building relationships and a strong community. Marishka's presentations are fun, interactive and educational.

Through her dynamic personality, passion and enthusiasm Marishka will help chart your way to new horizons and find your personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Discover the compass that will steer your ship to uncover new horizons.  

Do you find at times you've drifted off course leaving you to question - Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?  

How many times have you set your objectives, goals, and aspirations, only to learn that the end result was not what you expected? 

Charting Your Course is a fun and motivating presentation that will lead you to discover new lands and new opportunities.

There are many things you can do to hide your true personality from others through your body language. You can smile, you can talk, you can lie, but the truth will always show in your hands and gestures! 

In this interactive, entertaining and educational presentation, Marishka will guide you to study your own hands so you can also learn the art and finesse of different gestures and their subliminal meanings. Join Marishka and discover the ancient secrets of hands and gestures. 

Marishka lights up the house with the topic of turning on your inner power. Her Dynamic personality makes it fun and entertaining with props and stories.

Get re-energized, empowered and motivated to be the Best that you can be. Learn how to be decisive and make choices easily and effortlessly!

Marishka reveals some of the secrets that make Oprah, Gates and Trump so successful!

Unleash that hidden gem of who your truly are.

You are authentic and unique. As a diamond in the rough learn how to polish your facets and make them sparkle. Light up your success and make it soar, with that fire burning inside.

Your life is not like a slot machine. Don't just pull the leaver and leave it to chance. Learn how YOU can gain control! What is your destiny, what are your strengths? Marishka Glynne will reveal the cherries and help you avoid the lemons.

In this fascinating, interactive and fun presentation, Marishka will share the ancient secrets and science of numbers and the amazing and wonderful effect they can have on your life when they are understood.

Customers are the bread and butter for ALL business. Marishka will reveal the secrets and guide you step by step so your business will thrive to greater success.