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Roadmap to Success - with Deepak Chopra

America top intellectual minds map out successful business strategies.

Roadmap to Success is a must read for those who want to learn from America's top intellectual minds. Coauthored with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Ken Blanchard, Marishka Glynne and 15 other expert authors map out their strategies for mastering business, life and relationships.


Roadmap to Success is a mini-seminar on how to plan for your success. The successful people in this book have the experience that will help you find what you need to create your personal road map to success. These perceptive businesspeople are fascinating as they unfold their own personal road maps and tell of their various success journeys.

The Roadmap to Success includes a chapter "Charting Your Course" by Marishka Glynne. It explains in some detail how you can plan your life by reviewing and acting upon the different areas in your life - Health, Career, Relationships and Finance. This is a must read!

It's not often that you can access such a large quantity of quality information that will either get you started or help you get further along on your road to success. This book is an investment in your future--your successful future!


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